Here are 7 Reasons Why Outdoor Bars and Terraces are a Good Idea for Restaurants!

Outdoor bars and terraces, photo by Anna Urlapova on Pexels

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, creating a memorable dining experience is important. One way to elevate your establishment is by incorporating outdoor bars and terraces. These spaces offer a unique ambience and a host of benefits that can significantly enhance the overall dining experience. In this article, we'll explore seven compelling reasons why adding outdoor bars and terraces is a fantastic idea for restaurants.

1. Good Ambiance and Atmosphere

Eating outside has its own charm as well as some spectacular sights. Diners will love being outside when the sun is shining and the weather is nice, and it will feel much more comfortable. The style and décor of your outdoor dining room, as well as the placement of your seats and tables, all complement one another.

When you make your dining experience distinctive with a good ambience and atmosphere, it might be radically different from anybody else's. The comfort of your visitors should always be a top priority. The enjoyable atmosphere in your restaurant will stimulate greater beer, wine, and spirits consumption, resulting in increased profit for your restaurants! 

2. Expanded Seating Capacity

Outdoor bars and terraces provide an opportunity to expand your restaurant's seating capacity. This is especially beneficial during peak times and special events when indoor space may be limited. Additionally, customers will like having the option of both outdoor and inside dining, which allows a restaurant to accommodate more customers at once. Outdoor spaces can be used for special occasions such as engagement parties, birthday celebrations, and so on.

The expanded seating capacity allows you to seat diners faster than usual without having to deal with a long waiting list for new diners who don't have a place to sit. This provides you with the option to increase your revenue. If your clients have to wait a long time to be seated, they will most likely leave and go somewhere else.  

3. The Ease of Showcasing Unique Themes and Decor

An outdoor dining area allows you to adapt the design and feel of your restaurant to the surrounding environment. 

Imagine your outdoor terrace as a blank canvas, waiting to be adorned with the strokes of your unique vision. This is where you can experiment with various themes, colour palettes, and decor elements that align with your brand identity. Whether you're aiming for a rustic, farmhouse-inspired setting with wooden accents and earthy tones or a chic, contemporary ambience with sleek lines and minimalist decor, the outdoor space becomes a reflection of your creative flair.

4. Seasonal Flexibility

The outdoor space lends itself perfectly to seasonal and celebratory transformations. From summery beach vibes with surfboards and sand-inspired decor to winter wonderlands adorned with twinkling lights and faux snow, the possibilities are limitless. Hosting a special event or holiday celebration? Your outdoor space can easily adapt to the occasion, becoming a focal point for festive gatherings and memorable moments.

5. Pet-Friendly

Imagine a pet owner going on a walk and coming across your restaurant and wanting to get a bite to eat; if you don't have an outdoor bars or terraces, this guest will be unable to come inside with their pet. You lose prospective business in this circumstance due to a shortage of accommodations. Outdoor bars or terraces allow pet owners to eat at your restaurant without having to worry about leaving their pets alone outside (and the pets will be pleased as well!).

6. Good for Bigger Groups

Incorporating an outdoor dining area into your restaurant layout brings a wealth of advantages, and one of the most notable is its ability to comfortably accommodate larger groups. This is a game-changer for restaurants looking to cater to events, celebrations, and gatherings of varying sizes. 

An outdoor dining area expands the number of persons who can be served at the same time. For example, if your interior dining space can only accommodate 50 people, adding a patio to your company might expand your seating capacity to 70 (depending on the size of your patio). The ability to seat more people at once means that fewer people will have to wait in line to be seated and order their food. 

7. Outdoor Bar Entertainment

Integrating an outdoor bar into your restaurant's layout introduces a dynamic element that goes beyond just providing drinks. It creates a lively social hub where patrons can unwind, socialize, and revel in a vibrant atmosphere.

An outdoor bar serves as an ideal stage for live music and performances. For example, you can easily transform your outdoor space into a destination for music enthusiasts and social butterflies alike. Additionally, you can consider incorporating games and activities around your outdoor bar or terrace area.

So, What Are The Conclusions?

Red Ruby Club and Terraces, Photo by Red Ruby Group

Incorporating outdoor bars and terraces into your restaurant's layout isn't just about expanding physical space; it's about creating an experience that resonates with your patrons on a deeper level. If you’re having a holiday in Bali, don’t forget to visit Red Ruby Club and Terrace at Seminyak, to experience good food and vibes with your friends!