Late Night Entertainment

A late-night wonderland offering the ultimate clubbing experience in Bali, through delivering quality music, exceptional service in a uniquely cool environment.

Aesthetically the Club is a melting pot of concepts meticulously crafted together. The interior design takes inspiration from New York’s Disco scene of the ’70s & 80s. Paying homage to the era that started it all. Musically however the Club draws Influence from the underground avant-garde clubs of Berlin, Ibiza, Barcelona & Amsterdam, showcasing the most cutting edge music being played right now. Perhaps most importantly though, the Club has the distinct spirit and vibe of Bali that can’t be captured anywhere else in the world.

Merging disco glam decor with the forefront of the underground and topping it off with that Bali spirit - is in a nutshell, the essence of Red Ruby.


Listen to Our Tune

Listen to the latest recordings live from the club each week. Featuring sets from our resident DJs as well as our featured international guests.


Coming Soon
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