Rescheduled Shows

Cancelled Shows

Ticket Refund Policy

The refund is only applicable for canceled or rescheduled events that have been announced by Red Ruby. No refund will be provided for the wrong purchase or cancellation by the guest. These conditions below explain our refund policy.

A. Lost or Stolen Tickets

Red Ruby is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. The guests have to keep the tickets for themselves or share only with the people who will join them in the event. Once the ticket is scanned on the front door that means it can’t be used for another guest. Red Ruby will not issue a refund for lost or stolen tickets.

B. Ticket Details

Once the ticket is purchased by the guests it means they have checked event details, day, date, and time. If you purchase the incorrect event, no return or exchange ticket will be made.

C. Force Majeure

The force majeure means natural disaster, war, riot, terrorist attack, epidemic/pandemic, and government regulations that have a direct effect on the event. The refund and compensation according to the principle of reasonableness and fairness in the given circumstances.

D. Canceled Event or Postponed Event

Red Ruby shall inform guests of cancellation before the event. Although due to some circumstances, Red Ruby cannot guarantee to give the information about the cancellation before the event because of unexpected causes.

The refund only applies to major events such as international DJ performance or special events. Red Ruby will refund the total value of the tickets you have purchased. Thus, the guest must be able to show the proof of receipt of the purchase.

If an event is rescheduled, the guest may request for a refund. If there is no refund request, we assume the guest agreed to attend the event on a different schedule. However, it is the customer's responsibility to check whether the event is canceled or rescheduled. Red Ruby will inform via the website, social media, and email if there's a canceled or rescheduled event.

Refund and Compensation

The full refund will be issued soon after the refund request has been submitted. Please fill the form here for the refund request. Please see below the terms and conditions for the refund.

  1. Red Ruby will only process the full refund if the guest submits the refund request form within 30 days since the cancellation or reschedule event announce. If the guest did not submit the form we will not process the refund.

  2. Red Ruby will announce for the canceled or postponed event before or during the event. The guest can proceed with the refund request immediately via the website.

  3. In a special condition when cancellation announces during the day of the event. The guest who booked the table via the website will get a full refund for tickets and drinks ordered. However, if the guests happened to come & consumed the drinks, Red Ruby will compensate for the ticket only.

  4. The reschedule option is provided for the postponed event. The guest can submit the reschedule form to confirm that they agree to reschedule.

  5. Once the new schedule announces Red Ruby will send an email notification to the guests. The guests are still able to have a refund option although they have submitted the reschedule form. However, if there is no new schedule announces within 30 days, Red Ruby will send the full refund immediately.

  6. If the guests buy the tickets or booking the table after the new schedule announce, they are not eligible for the refund process.

  7. The guests are responsible to keep updates following the refund request or new schedule for postponed events.

  8. If you still have any inquiries regarding the refund or reschedule process, you can contact us via email at [email protected]